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Optimizing Laser Settings

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Manual Assembly

The following TherMark products, designed for convenience and ease of use, are suitable for low volume manual assembly and/or custom marking processes, ranging from single part jobs to projects marking a few hundred parts.
Aerosol cans
For low volume production such as custom parts, the most common application method of TherMark laser marking material is our conveniently packaged aerosol cans. For tips on aerosol application, please click here, or for more detailed information on each product, please select one below.
  • LMM14 – Aerosol, black for metal, general purpose (recommended)
  • LMM6000 - Aerosol, black for metal, general purpose (alternative)
Self-adhesive tape
If you wish to mark a substrate which cannot get wet, TherMark recommends our self-adhesive tape which can be manually applied to products prior to laser marking. Using tape ensures you are applying an even layer of material over your target marking surface, eliminates drying time, and is easier to clean after laser marking than a wet product.
In addition to being an alternative marking solution for a broad range of metals, LMM6018 tape is also the preferred solution for marking anodized metals. Please click the below for full product data.
  • LMM6018.LF – Self-adhesive tape, black for metal & anodized