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Optimizing Laser Settings

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Batch Processing

The following products are suitable for medium volume batch manufacturing processes ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand parts a week. Please see the links below for detailed product information.
Liquid inks for airbrush application
All of TherMark’s liquid and paste inks can be purchased in volume discounted quantities and diluted for use in a batch spraying process. When implementing a batch spraying solution adequate fume extraction should be used to protect operators working in the spray booth. Operators will also need to ensure that the laser marking ink is consistently agitated so the pigment does not settle and that a smooth, even and consistent coat is applied to each batch of parts. This cost effect method of delivering TherMark laser marking inks is currently available for making black marks on metal, glass, ceramic and plastic. For more detail on these products, please visit the product page for any of our liquid/paste inks.
Pad printing inks
TherMark’s pad printing inks contain special chemicals which make them compatible with the pad printing process. In a pad printing solution a very consistent layer of ink is applied exactly where the laser mark is required. This limits product waste, minimizes the impact of coat thickness variation, and speeds drying time. Excess ink can be easily removed using a safe cleaning solvent. Pad printing is an economical process which yields a quick printing cycle (5-10 seconds), making it ideal for medium volume batch manufacturing. Pad printing ink is currently available for making black marks on glass, ceramic, and plastic. For more detail on the products, please see the links below.
  • LMP500 - Pad printing ink, black for plastic
If you have a medium to high volume marking job and are interested in a pad printing formulation for metal, glass, or ceramic, please contact us.

Self-adhesive tape


If you wish to mark a substrate which cannot get wet, TherMark recommends our self-adhesive tape which can be manually applied to a batch of products prior to laser marking. Using tape ensures you are applying an even layer of material over your target marking surface, eliminates drying time, and is easier to clean after laser marking than a wet product. The standard sizes for self-adhesive tape are 50 feet long rolls in one, two, or three inch widths. However, for some batch applications pre-cut labels or custom width tape may be a more appropriate solution than a standard product. Please contact us if you have a medium to large volume batch job and need a custom cut tape.
In addition to being an alternative marking solution for a broad range of metals, LMM6018.LF tape is also the preferred solution for marking anodized metals. Please click the below for full product data.
  • LMM6018.LF - Self-adhesive tape, black for metal & anodized