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Optimizing Laser Settings

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Process Integration


In many industrial applications, a key question is “how do I integrate TherMark laser marking materials with my other manufacturing processes?” Recognizing that the TherMark process requires a method of application and some sort of cleaning after marking, we have developed a number of formulations and supply forms which are suitable for different methods of manufacturing. Key considerations are the number of parts being marked and the subsequent manufacturing process chosen.


Manual Assembly

For low volume production such as custom parts the most appropriate way to apply TherMark is to use our conveniently packaged aerosol cans or our self-adhesive tapes. For more details on products and processes suitable for manual assembly, please
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Batch Processing

For medium volume applications in which products are manufactured in batches, TherMark offers a range of products that can be cost effectively used in a batch processing environment. These include larger volume containers of liquid/paste laser marking ink which can be diluted and used in industrial spray guns. In addition, there are formulations for pad and screen printing. For more details on products and processes suitable for batch manufacturing, please
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Inline Manufacturing

For high volume processing where consistency and speed are extremely important TherMark again offers appropriate formulations of laser marking materials. In ultra high speed applications, TherMark marking materials are available in a non-adhesive tape which can be automatically and mechanically applied to a component, presenting the material for laser bonding. The pad printing and liquid/paste inks can also be easily integrated into a typical production line. For more details on products and processes suitable for inline manufacturing, please
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