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LMM6018 Self-adhesive thin tape for metal


Recommended use:

LMM6018 is a self-adhesive, paper-backed tape designed with similar pigments and formula as our liquid LMM products. It works well on most metal surfaces, offering a dry processing alternative to those not interested in or unable to work with wet products. It is also easier to use: the tape delivery system insures that a consistent layer of marking material is present on the substrate, entirely removing the variables of dilution and coat thickness.

Additionally, LMM6018 is TherMark’s recommended product for marking on clear or colored anodized metal. LMM6018’s unique capability of marking on top of an anodized layer, rather than through it, is a major step forward in marking anodized surfaces.


An important point in considering LMM6018 is the speed of marking which is significantly slower than for liquid/paste products. The main reason for this decrease in speed of marking is the thickness of the tape (both material and paper backing), which slows down the heat transfer process such that more time is required for the laser to fuse the ink to the substrate.




Recommended substrates:

LMM6018 is a fairly flexible product which is recommended for many metals, including those which are anodized. The following list is made up of substrates on which LMM6018 works well. This list is not exhaustive, however, so if your substrate does not appear on the list, this does not mean LMM6018 will not mark it.

Stainless Steel Chrome Plating
Stainless Steel - Bright Annealed Nickel Plating
Galvanized Steel Gold Plating
Brass Titanium
Aluminum Pewter
Anodized Aluminum  


Lasers that work:
LMM6018 works well with both CO2 and solid state lasers. When using a solid state laser with LMM6018 you may wish to laser bond with pulsed operating mode, as CW operating mode requires a very slow marking speed.

Application method:
LMM6018 is a self-adhesive, paper-backed tape. Please make sure that the surface to be marked is free and clear of oils, cleaning agent films and dust.


  • Tape application: To apply, unroll a sufficient amount of tape to cover the surface area to be marked and stick the black adhesive side down carefully. It is important the tape have uniform contact with the substrate surface otherwise some areas may not bond properly during laser marking. Care should be taken to remove any air bubbles from under the tape: smoothing down gently with fingers should be adequate to remove air bubbles. If you wish to mark on a surface that is highly irregular with too many bumps or crevices, self-adhesive tape may not be appropriate because uniform tape to substrate contact may be impossible.


Drying time & methods:
LMM6018 does not need to dry and can be laser marked immediately after application.

Laser settings:
Power and speed are the two most important variables to control when using TherMark laser marking materials with any laser, but there are other relevant variables depending on which laser you are using, such as length of lens, PPI, DPI, frequency, or hatch spacing.





Product Appearance:
LMM6018 self-adhesive, paper-backed tape comes on a plastic core. The adhesive side containing the laser marking material is black; the paper backing is a waxy white.


Shipping options:


  • LMM6018 tape is a non-hazardous product and can be shipped via ground or air with no additional charges.


Product storage:
LMM6018 should be stored between 40ºF (5ºC) and 95ºF (35ºC) in a dark, dry place. If you plan to leave LMM6018 unused for longer than a week, the roll should be stored in a Ziploc bag or wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent the tape from drying out due to long-term air exposure.



LMM6018 tape is an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous product. Excess tape material can be easily and safely disposed of by discarding in the regular trash.


LMM6018 Data Sheet